How to Use Data to Support Your Strategic Goals

On-Demand Webinar

Do your association team members all speak the same language or does communication often turn into a game of telephone?

From the top down, it can be difficult for various levels of an association to make sure they’re all speaking the same language and working towards the same goals. Direction or objectives from the board down to the Executive Director to the Marketing Director to the Marketing Coordinator can oftentimes turn into a game of telephone. This can leave folks at the top frustrated that goals aren’t being met and those at the other end frustrated because they don’t have an accurate grasp of their associations’ goals to help guide their decisions.

The quickest way to lessen the gap is with data. 

During this 30-minute how-to session (followed by Q&A), our two special guest hosts from A2 give their perspective on how to align data with your mission and goals by:

  • Getting all levels of your association to speak the same language
  • Coming up with agreed upon metrics that everyone understands
  • Arming staff with all the data they need to make decision that support your goals
  • Giving your board and execs a snapshot visualization of your data

This webinar originally aired on September 8, 2021.

Your hosts:

Julie Sciullo 2021

Julie Sciullo
Association Analytics


    David DeLorenzo
    Association Analytics