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How to (Finally) Make
Analytics A Priority

On-Demand Webinar

Refocus your efforts on what’s most important to serve your members and achieve your strategic goals - using data you already have.

Survey and assessment results consistently tell us that analytics is highly supported by association executives. Yet, we consistently find associations sitting on their hands, stifled by challenges like budget, resources and not knowing exactly what it will take to get started. It's also very common for urgent, in-the-moment projects to sidetrack associations from focusing on longer-term, strategic goals.

During this how-to session, hear us discuss why data should be a top priority and how you can:

  • Build a business case for that data initiative you’ve been considering
  • Understand the immediate and long-term ROI in your data
  • Create a phased approach for smaller staff and budgets

This webinar originally aired on January 19, 2022.


Bill Conforti_new

Bill Conforti
SVP of Strategy & Solutions
Association Analytics

Greg Pollack_new

    Greg Pollack
    VP of Sales
    Association Analytics