Analytics in Action:
How to Determine Member Retention Using Trends
On-Demand Webinar

Member retention is top of mind for every association professional. 

That's why we tackled this topic first in our new Analytics in Action How-To series. This series features hands-on, how-to content related to common data and analytics issues. During each session, our experts show you how to use a tech platform to solve these problems and answer your most pressing questions.

Questions like: How to calculate retention rate? How to understand who is at risk for non-renewal? Ways to best retain current members? 

During this 30-min series kickoff session, our analytics experts answer these questions and show you how to:

  • Determine retention rate using historical renewal data
  • Understand retention in member segments based on demographics, characteristics and behaviors
  • Predict future retention by understanding behaviors that correlate with high likelihood to renew
  • Use these insights to make strategic decisions that lead to increased renewals

We end with some pro tips you can use to start and then refine your member retention journey, plus answer tons of great questions throughout the webinar.

Your Hosts

Bill Conforti

Bill Conforti
SVP of Strategy & Solutions
Association Analytics

Greg Pollack
Vice President of Sales
Association Analytics