How Smart Associations are Maintaining Relevance & Revenue in Today’s Economy


On Demand Webinar

Some associations are doing great in our current economy. Others are struggling to keep members and maintain revenue. What's the difference?

Often, a key factor in the success or struggle of an association is the ability to leverage data for key decisions, analysis, and forecasting. Will in-person event attendance ever come back fully? If not, how can event revenue be maintained? How can you protect your position as a thought leader with so many competing resources?

During our first Analytics in Action session of the year, we’ll tackle this not-so-fun topic, but hope to make it enjoyable with your participation and promise to leave you feeling optimistic about the future and how you can help shape it.

 We’ll discuss how to use your data to optimize resources and stay relevant and valuable to your members in difficult economic times, including:

  • Prioritizing programs and services that are most valuable so you can cut the dead weight
  • Giving members customized content they can’t get anywhere else
  • Doing more with less – focus on what matters most, reduce manual work, optimize processes and be more efficient overall


Your hosts:

Bill Conforti_new

    Bill Conforti
    SVP of Strategy & Solutions
    Association Analytics

Greg Pollack_new

    Greg Pollack
    VP of Sales
    Association Analytics






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