Case Study

ASAE and Association Analytics


ASAE Predicts Member Engagement

Powered by the Association Analytics platform

Tracking retention, understanding satisfaction, and analyzing member engagement are paramount for increasingly meeting the expectations of association members.

Utilizing solely their AMS, email marketing system, and online community, the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) were not able to compare and analyze valuable member activity across these multiple systems.

ASAE entrusted data from 42,000+ members and 7,300+ organizations to Association Analytics (A2) for building a consolidated architecture for analysis.


"Since starting this partnership with A2, we’ve aimed to make data analytics top of mind for associations. We want to create thought leadership around full data analysis. Don’t solve just one data problem – let’s get as much data as we can into this warehouse, so we can continuously solve problems. And let’s bring the community along for that ride.”

- Reggie Henry, Chief Information Officer, ASAE

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