Get Your Piece of the Pie: Cutting a Slice of the Budget for Analytics

On-Demand Webinar

Save room for pie, and analytics!

For most associations, analytics is not a matter of if, but when.  Still, convincing leadership that now is the time to give you a piece of the pie for analytics (or really any new tool or piece of tech for that matter) can be a challenge. After implementing analytics for hundreds of associations, we’ve learned some tried-and-true methods for overcoming these challenges.

Watch our how-to session to learn how your peers are demonstrating return on an analytics investment, as well as how you can:

  • Build a winning presentation for leadership

  • Use an ROI calculator to convince others to get onboard

  • Leverage partners and association peers

  • Get creative when the budget is already set

We’ll be joined by special guest Rebecca Achurch, CEO of Achurch Consulting, to talk about how she guides her clients through decisions like this, selecting the right tool and convincing leadership that it’s worth the investment. 
You’ll walk away probably wanting pie, but also excited about building a case for analytics and armed with the tools and messaging you need to get your piece of the pie in the budget!

Your hosts:

Bill Conforti_new

    Bill Conforti
    SVP of Strategy & Solutions
    Association Analytics

Greg Pollack_new

    Greg Pollack
    VP of Sales
    Association Analytics

Rebecca Achurch

    Rebecca Achurch
    Achurch Consulting






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This webinar originally aired on November 2, 2022.