Building a Digital Ecosystem Around Your AMS

On-Demand Webinar

The hub and spoke ecosystem in the digital world is nothing new, but for associations just starting to adopt multiple technology sources, the concept could seem novel or even overwhelming. Essentially, what we’re talking about is finding all the software that best meets your needs (your spokes) and then integrating them in a seamless way into your AMS (your hub).

During this webinar, our VP of Sales Greg Pollack is joined by special guest, Founder & CEO of Novi AMS, Pete Zimek. Together, they chat about how to build a digital ecosystem around your AMS using the hub-and-spoke model. In addition to answering the why and the what, they help simplify the how.

Attendees learn:

  • Pros and cons of the hub-and-spoke set up
  • How it works, who builds what and how they play together
  • Examples of associations successfully using it


pete zimek

Pete Zimek
Founder & CEO
Novi AMS

Greg Pollack_new

    Greg Pollack
    VP of Sales
    Association Analytics