How Associations are Leveraging Acumen

Check out examples of how organizations use Acumen to be more data-driven.
CASE Leverages Acumen to Identify Opportunities to Improve Retention and Recruitment

By digging into the data and seeing the trends, CASE is able to develop targeted campaigns that are designed to help them improve on key business outcomes, like retention and recruitment. They can also filter down to the demographic level or by member type to identify which segments of members they should be focusing their efforts on.

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NAFSA Deepens Member Engagement with Data Analytics

Creating a foundation for data has helped NAFSA to better understand their business and member needs, meaning strategy decisions can be made based on data. It has also helped to cut down requests for adhoc reports and the amount of time spent building them, instead allowing business users to directly interact with data when they need it.

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ASAE Uses Acumen to Inform Decision-Making and Strategy

ASAE partnered with Association Analytics to implement Acumen, a cloud-based platform for data analytics. By bringing their data into a central repository, they’ve gained a single source of truth for data that can be used to inform strategy decisions. With Acumen, ASAE can now see a complete, accurate, and trusted view of their data which influences how they solve problems.

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