Analytics in Action:
How to Boost Event Registration Revenue with Data
On-Demand Webinar

In-person events are on their way back. And so is their revenue. 

With the pandemic almost/nearly/hopefully close to behind us, we can start adding in-person events back in the mix and with that, look for ways to maximize our attendance and revenue across all events. While we’ve reached a lot of new potential attendees during the past year, we also have our historical data and trends on meetings that are relevant again.  
Watch this 30-min how-to session (followed by Q&A) to hear our analytics experts discuss how to:

  • Use engagement data to reach new attendees
  • Leverage data to provide personalized and relevant communication to different member segments
  • Uncover registration trends by event categories and customer segments
  • Understand and analyze event loyalty and overlap
  • Determine who is most likely to attend your event based on historical data, demographics and behavior

We answer questions throughout the presentation and end with pro tips you can implement as you start planning your next event. 

This webinar originally aired on June 9, 2021.

Your Hosts:

Bill Conforti

Bill Conforti
SVP of Strategy & Solutions
Association Analytics

Greg Pollack
Vice President of Sales
Association Analytics





Analytics in Action is a series featuring hands-on, how-to content related to common data and analytics issues. During each session, our experts will show you how to use a tech platform to solve these problems and answer your most pressing questions.